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最近特にAppleの審査が厳しくなってきたのでリジェクト理由まとめたお( ´∀`)









2. 機能に関するもの – Functionality


2.1 – Apps that crash will be rejected



2.2 – Apps that exhibit bugs will be rejected



2.3 – Apps that do not perform as advertised by the developer will be rejected



2.4 – Apps that include undocumented or hidden features inconsistent with the description of the App will be rejected



2.5 – Apps that use non-public APIs will be rejected



2.6 – Apps that read or write data outside its designated container area will be rejected



2.7 – Apps that download code in any way or form will be rejected



2.8 – Apps that install or launch other executable code will be rejected



2.9 – Apps that are “demo”, “trial”, or “test” versions will be rejected. Beta Apps may only be submitted through TestFlight and must follow the TestFlight guidelines



2.10 – iPhone Apps must also run on iPad without modification, at iPhone resolution, and at 2X iPhone 3GS resolution

iPhoneのアプリはiPhoneの解像度、iPhone 3GSの2倍の解像度でそのままiPadで動かなければリジェクト。


2.11 – Apps that duplicate Apps already in the App Store may be rejected, particularly if there are many of them, such as fart, burp, flashlight, and Kama Sutra Apps

既に、App Storeに同様のアプリがある場合、特に同様のアプリが多数存在する場合(おなら、ゲップ、懐中電灯、ヒンズー教の経書のようなアプリ)はリジェクト。


2.12 – Apps that are not very useful, unique, are simply web sites bundled as Apps, or do not provide any lasting entertainment value may be rejected



2.13 – Apps that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements will be rejected



2.14 – Apps that are intended to provide trick or fake functionality that are not clearly marked as such will be rejected



2.15 – Apps larger than 100MB in size will not download over cellular networks (this is automatically prohibited by the App Store)

100MB以上のアプリは携帯ネットワーク経由ではダウンロード出来ません(これはApp Storeで自動的に拒否されます)


2.16 – Multitasking Apps may only use background services for their intended purposes: VoIP, audio playback, location, task completion, local notifications, etc.



2.17 – Apps that browse the web must use the iOS WebKit framework and WebKit Javascript

ウェブブラウザのアプリは、iOS WebKit framework と WebKit Javascript使わなくてはならない。


2.18 – Apps that encourage excessive consumption of alcohol or illegal substances, or encourage minors to consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes, will be rejected



2.19 – Apps that provide incorrect diagnostic or other inaccurate device data will be rejected



2.20 – Developers “spamming” the App Store with many versions of similar Apps will be removed from the iOS Developer Program

類似アプリを多数登録するような”スパム開発者”は、iOS Developer Programから削除する。


2.21 – Apps that are simply a song or movie should be submitted to the iTunes store. Apps that are simply a book should be submitted to the iBooks Store

単純な歌や動画アプリはiTunes storeに申請してください。単純な書籍アプリはiBookstoreに申請してください。


2.22 – Apps that arbitrarily restrict which users may use the App, such as by location or carrier, may be rejected



2.23 – Apps must follow the iOS Data Storage Guidelines or they will be rejected

iOS Data Storage ガイドラインに従わないアプリはリジェクト。

1.ユーザが生成した情報、またはアプリだけでは生成できない情報のみ /Documents ディレクトリ以下に保存し、自動的に iCloud にバックアップされる
2.再ダウンロード、あるいは再生可能なデータは /Library/Caches ディレクトリ以下に保管する
3.一時的な利用のためのデータは /tmp ディレクトリ以下に保存する。これらのファイルは iCloud にはバックアップされないが、余分な記憶領域を使用しないよう、不要になったら削除する


2.24 – Apps that are offered in Newsstand must comply with schedules 1, 2 and 3 of the Program License Agreement or they will be rejected

Newsstandで提供されるアプリは Developer Program License 契約のスケジュール1〜3を遵守しなければリジェクト。


2.25 – Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected

自社のアプリではない他のアプリの購入や促進を促す方法が App Store に似ていたり、App Store と混乱しそうな場合にはリジェクト。



2.26 – Apps may display and recommend apps other than your own only if the collection is designed for a specific approved need (e.g. health management, aviation, accessibility, etc.) or provides significant added value for a specific group of customers, or they will be rejected

自社のアプリではない他のアプリの購入や促進を促す方法が App Store に似ていたり、App Store と混乱しそうな場合には、納得の行く特定の理由(例:健康管理、航空、アクセシビリティなど)があるか、または特定の顧客グループに重要な付加価値を提供しているかでない限り、リジェクト。




3. メタデータ(名前・概要・レート・ランキングなど)に関するもの – Metadata


3.1 – Apps or metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected



3.2 – Apps with placeholder text will be rejected



3.3 – Apps with names, descriptions, screenshots, or previews not relevant to the content and functionality of the App will be rejected



3.4 – App names in iTunes Connect and as displayed on a device should be similar, so as not to cause confusion

混乱を避けるために、iTunes Connectとデバイス上で表示されるアプリ名は、同様にすること。


3.5 – Small and large App icons should be similar, so as to not to cause confusion



3.6 – Apps with App icons, screenshots, and previews that do not adhere to the 4+ age rating will be rejected

アプリのアイコンとスクリーンショットが 4+ 年齢の評価に準拠していないとリジェクト。


3.7 – Apps with Category and Genre selections that are not appropriate for the App content will be rejected



3.8 – Developers are responsible for assigning appropriate ratings to their Apps. Inappropriate ratings may be changed/deleted by Apple



3.9 – Developers are responsible for assigning appropriate keywords for their Apps. Inappropriate keywords may be changed/deleted by Apple



3.10 – Developers who attempt to manipulate or cheat the user reviews or chart ranking in the App Store with fake or paid reviews, or any other inappropriate methods will be removed from the iOS Developer Program

App Storeでのユーザーレビューやランキングを偽のレビューや買収など、不当な操作を試みた場合は、iOS Developer Programから削除します。


3.11 – Apps that recommend that users restart their iOS device prior to installation or launch may be rejected



3.12 – Apps should have all included URLs fully functional when you submit it for review, such as support and privacy policy URLs



3.13 – Apps with screenshots, previews, and marketing text that do not clearly identify supplemental content or items that must be purchased separately (e.g. using IAP) will be rejected




3.14 – App previews may only use video screen captures of the app, voice-overs, and textual and design overlays, or the app will be rejected




3.15 – Apps with previews that display personal information of a real person without permission will be rejected



3.16 – App previews may only include music that is licensed for that purpose in all selected territories



3.17 – App previews that include content played or streamed via the app (e.g. iTunes playlist, YouTube streaming video) that is not licensed for use in the preview will be rejected

ライセンスを取っていない iTunes playlist や YouTube などの動画再生場面を含むプレビュー動画はリジェクト。



4. 位置情報に関するもの – Location


4.1 – Apps that do not notify and obtain user consent before collecting, transmitting, or using location data will be rejected



4.2 – Apps that use location-based APIs for automatic or autonomous control of vehicles, aircraft, or other devices will be rejected



4.3 – Apps that use location-based APIs for emergency services will be rejected



4.4 – Location data can only be used when directly relevant to the features and services provided by the App to the user or to support approved advertising uses




5. プッシュ通知に関するもの – Push Notifications


5.1 – Apps that provide Push Notifications without using the Apple Push Notification (APN) API will be rejected

Apple Push Notification (APN)を用いない方法でプッシュ通知を提供するアプリはリジェクト。


5.2 – Apps that use the APN service without obtaining a Push Application ID from Apple will be rejected

アップルからのPush Application IDを取得しないで、APNを使っているアプリはリジェクト。


5.3 – Apps that send Push Notifications without first obtaining user consent, as well as apps that require Push Notifications to function, will be rejected



5.4 – Apps that send sensitive personal or confidential information using Push Notifications will be rejected



5.5 – Apps that use Push Notifications to send unsolicited messages, or for the purpose of phishing or spamming will be rejected



5.6 – Apps cannot use Push Notifications to send advertising, promotions, or direct marketing of any kind



5.7 – Apps cannot charge users for use of Push Notifications



5.8 – Apps that excessively use the network capacity or bandwidth of the APN service or unduly burden a device with Push Notifications will be rejected

プッシュ通知により、極端に APN service のネット容量、帯域を使うもの、デバイスへの負荷の高いアプリはリジェクト。


5.9 – Apps that transmit viruses, files, computer code, or programs that may harm or disrupt the normal operation of the APN service will be rejected

ウイルスやファイル、コンピュータコード、プログラムを送信し、APN service の標準仕様を阻害、混乱させるアプリはリジェクト。



6. ゲームセンターに関するもの – Game Center


6.1 – Apps that display any Player ID to end users or any third party will be rejected



6.2 – Apps that use Player IDs for any use other than as approved by the Game Center terms will be rejected

Game Centerの条件によって承認された使用方法以外の方法でPlayer IDを使うアプリはリジェクト。


6.3 – Developers that attempt to reverse lookup, trace, relate, associate, mine, harvest, or otherwise exploit Player IDs, aliases, or other information obtained through Game Center will be removed from the iOS Developer Program

Game Centerを通じて、Player ID、別名、その他関連情報を逆引き、取得など、不当利用しようとする開発者は、iOS Developer Program から削除。


6.4 – Game Center information, such as Leaderboard scores, may only be used in Apps approved for use with Game Center

スコアなどGame Centerの情報は、承認された方法のみに使用する事が出来る。


6.5 – Apps that use the Game Center service to send unsolicited messages, or for the purpose of phishing or spamming will be rejected

Game Centerを使って、勝手にメッセージを送ったり、フィッシングやスパム目的のアプリはリジェクト。


6.6 – Apps that excessively use the network capacity or bandwidth of Game Center will be rejected

極端にGame Centerのネット容量、帯域を使うアプリはリジェクト。


6.7 – Apps that transmit viruses, files, computer code, or programs that may harm or disrupt the normal operation of the Game Center service will be rejected

ウイルスやファイル、コンピュータコード、プログラムを送信し、Game Center service の標準仕様を阻害、混乱させるアプリはリジェクト。



7. iAds(広告)に関するもの – Advertising


7.1 – Apps that artificially increase the number of impressions or click-throughs of ads will be rejected



7.2 – Apps that contain empty iAd banners will be rejected



7.3 – Apps that are designed predominantly for the display of ads will be rejected




8. 商標権、トレードドレスに関するもの – Content and Intellectual Property Rights


8.1 – Apps must comply with all terms and conditions explained in the Guidelines for Using Apple Trademarks and Copyrights and the Apple Trademark List

全てのアプリは、Apple Trademarks と Copyrights 、Apple Trademark List の利用規約に従う必要があります。


8.2 – Apps that suggest or infer that Apple is a source or supplier of the App, or that Apple endorses any particular representation regarding quality or functionality will be rejected



8.3 – Apps that appear confusingly similar to an existing Apple product, interface, or advertising theme will be rejected



8.4 – Apps that misspell Apple product names in their App name (i.e., GPS for Iphone, iTunz) will be rejected

Apple製品の名前のスペルミスを含むアプリはリジェクト(例: GPS for Iphone, iTunz)。


8.5 – Apps may not use protected third party material such as trademarks, copyrights, patents or violate 3rd party terms of use. Authorization to use such material must be provided upon request




9. メディアコンテンツに関するもの – Media content


9.1 – Apps that do not use the MediaPlayer framework to access media in the Music Library will be rejected



9.2 – App user interfaces that mimic any iPod or iTunes interface will be rejected



9.3 – Audio streaming content over a cellular network may not use more than 5MB over 5 minutes

携帯電話ネットワークを介してオーディオコンテンツのストリーミングは、5MB 以上、 5分以上は使えません。


9.4 – Video streaming content over a cellular network longer than 10 minutes must use HTTP Live Streaming and include a baseline 64 kbps HTTP Live stream

携帯電話ネットワークを介して、10分以上の動画のストリーミングは、HTTP Live Streaming を使い、ベースライン64 kbpsのオーディオ専用のHTTPライブストリームを含める必要があります。



10. ユーザーインターフェースに関するもの – User interface


10.1 – Apps must comply with all terms and conditions explained in the Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines

アプリは the Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines で説明されている利用規約に従う必要がある。


10.2 – Apps that look similar to Apps bundled on the iPhone, including the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store, will be rejected

iPhoneにバンドルされているアプリ(App Store, iTunes Store, iBookstoreを含む)に類似しているアプリはリジェクト。


10.3 – Apps that do not use system provided items, such as buttons and icons, correctly and as described in the Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines may be rejected

Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelinesで説明されている通り、正確に、システムから提供されたアイテム(ボタンやアイコンなど)を使用していないアプリはリジェクト。


10.4 – Apps that create alternate desktop/home screen environments or simulate multi-App widget experiences will be rejected



10.5 – Apps that alter the functions of standard switches, such as the Volume Up/Down and Ring/Silent switches, will be rejected



10.6 – Apple and our customers place a high value on simple, refined, creative, well thought through interfaces. They take more work but are worth it. Apple sets a high bar. If your user interface is complex or less than very good, it may be rejected





11. 購入と通貨に関するもの – Purchasing and currencies


11.1 – Apps that unlock or enable additional features or functionality with mechanisms other than the App Store will be rejected

App Store以外でロック解除や追加機能を有効にするアプリはリジェクト。


11.2 – Apps utilizing a system other than the In App Purchase API (IAP) to purchase content, functionality, or services in an app will be rejected



11.3 – Apps using IAP to purchase physical goods or goods and services used outside of the App will be rejected



11.4 – Apps that use IAP to purchase credits or other currencies must consume those credits within the App



11.5 – Apps that use IAP to purchase credits or other currencies that expire will be rejected



11.6 – Content subscriptions using IAP must last a minimum of 7 days and be available to the user from all of their iOS devices



11.7 – Apps that use IAP to purchase items must assign the correct Purchasability type



11.8 – Apps that use IAP to purchase access to built-in capabilities provided by iOS, such as the camera or the gyroscope, will be rejected



11.9 – Apps containing content or services that expire after a limited time will be rejected, except for specific approved content (e.g. films, television programs, music, books)

期限切れのレンタルコンテンツ、サービスを含むアプリはリジェクト、承認されたコンテンツを除いて(例: フィルム、テレビ番組、音楽、本)


11.10 – Insurance Apps must be free, in legal-compliance in the regions distributed, and cannot use IAP



11.11 – In general, the more expensive your App, the more thoroughly we will review it



11.12 – Apps offering subscriptions must do so using IAP, Apple will share the same 70/30 revenue split with developers for these purchases, as set forth in the Program License Agreement

定期購読などの必要があるアプリは、アップルがその収益の30%のレベニューシェアを受け取れるように、IAP(In App Puechase )の仕組みを利用する必要があります。これはDeveloper Program License Agreement 内で記載されています。


11.13 – Apps that link to external mechanisms for purchases or subscriptions to be used in the App, such as a “buy” button that goes to a web site to purchase a digital book, will be rejected



11.14 – Apps can read or play approved content (specifically magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music, video and cloud storage) that is subscribed to or purchased outside of the App, as long as there is no button or external link in the App to purchase the approved content. Apple will only receive a portion of revenues for content purchased inside the App

アプリ外で購入したコンテンツ(特に雑誌や新聞、書籍やオーディオブック、音楽、動画など)を再生するアプリは、コンテンツを購入するためのボタンや外部リンクなどがアプリ内にない場合に限ります。 Apple はアプリ外で定期購読や購入されたコンテンツに関してはレベニューシェアをいただくことはありません。


11.15 – Apps may only use auto-renewing subscriptions for periodicals (newspapers, magazines), business Apps (enterprise, productivity, professional creative, cloud storage), and media Apps (video, audio, voice), or the App will be rejected

サブスクリプションアプリは定期刊行物(新聞、雑誌)、ビジネスアプリ(エン タープライズ、生産性、プロフェッショナル・クリエイティブ、クラウド・ストレ ージ)、メディアアプリ(ビデオ、オーディオ、音声)の自動更新するサブスクリプションでのみ利用できます。そうでないアプリはリジェクト。



11.16 – Apps may enable additional approved features or functionality when used in combination with specific approved physical products (such as a toy) as long as the additional features and functionality are either completely dependent on such hardware (for example an App that is used to control a telescope) or also available through the App without the physical products, such as by way of reward for achievement or by use of IAP

アプリを介して、特定の承認された物理的な製品(例: おもちゃなど)と組み合わせて、使用される追加機能を有効にすることができ、またそのようなハードウェア(たとえば望遠鏡を制御するために使用されるアプリケーションのいずれかで完全に依存している場合)または、その達成のためのIAPの使用による報酬の方法などによって、物理的な製品の使用が可能です。


11.17 – Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions




12. スクレイピングと集計に関するもの – Scraping and aggregation


12.1 – Apps that scrape any information from Apple sites (for example from, iTunes Store, App Store, iTunes Connect, Apple Developer Programs, etc.) or create rankings using content from Apple sites and services will be rejected

Appleのサイト(例:, iTunes Store, App Store, iTunes Connect, Apple Developer Programs, など)から何らかの情報をスクレイピングしたり、Appleサイトのコンテンツを使ってランキングを作成するアプリはリジェクト。


12.2 – Apps may use approved Apple RSS feeds such as the iTunes Store RSS feed

iTunes Store RSSのような承認されたApple の RSSを使用する事は可能です。


12.3 – Apps that are simply web clippings, content aggregators, or a collection of links, may be rejected




13. 損傷または損害に関するもの – Damage or injury


13.1 – Apps that encourage users to use an Apple Device in a way that may cause damage to the device will be rejected



13.2 – Apps that rapidly drain the device’s battery or generate excessive heat will be rejected



13.3 – Apps whose use may result in physical harm may be rejected




14. 個人攻撃に関するもの – Personal attacks


14.1 – Any App that is defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited, or likely to place the targeted individual or group in harm’s way will be rejected



14.2 – Professional political satirists and humorists are exempt from the ban on offensive or mean-spirited commentary



14.3 – Apps that display user generated content must include a method for filtering objectionable material, a mechanism for users to flag offensive content, and the ability to block abusive users from the service





15. 暴力に関するもの – Violence


15.1 – Apps portraying realistic images of people or animals being killed or maimed, shot, stabbed, tortured or injured will be rejected



15.2 – Apps that depict violence or abuse of children will be rejected



15.3 – “Enemies” within the context of a game cannot solely target a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity



15.4 – Apps involving realistic depictions of weapons in such a way as to encourage illegal or reckless use of such weapons will be rejected



15.5 – Apps that include games of Russian roulette will be rejected




16. 不快なコンテンツに関するもの – Objectionable content


16.1 – Apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected



16.2 – Apps that are primarily designed to upset or disgust users will be rejected




17. プライバシーに関するもの – Privacy


17.1 – Apps cannot transmit data about a user without obtaining the user’s prior permission and providing the user with access to information about how and where the data will be used



17.2 – Apps that require users to share personal information, such as email address and date of birth, in order to function will be rejected



17.3 – Apps may ask for date of birth (or use other age-gating mechanisms) only for the purpose of complying with applicable children’s privacy statutes, but must include some useful functionality or entertainment value regardless of the user’s age



17.4 – Apps that collect, transmit, or have the capability to share personal information (e.g. name, address, email, location, photos, videos, drawings, the ability to chat, other personal data, or persistent identifiers used in combination with any of the above) from a minor must comply with applicable children’s privacy statutes, and must include a privacy policy



17.5 – Apps that include account registration or access a user’s existing account must include a privacy policy or they will be rejected




18. わいせつ、ポルノに関するもの – Pornography


18.1 – Apps containing pornographic material, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings”, will be rejected



18.2 – Apps that contain user generated content that is frequently pornographic (e.g. “Chat Roulette” Apps) will be rejected




19. 宗教、文化、民族に関するもの – Religion, culture, and ethnicity


19.1 – Apps containing references or commentary about a religious, cultural or ethnic group that are defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited or likely to expose the targeted group to harm or violence will be rejected



19.2 – Apps may contain or quote religious text provided the quotes or translations are accurate and not misleading. Commentary should be educational or informative rather than inflammatory




20. コンテスト、懸賞、宝くじ、ラッフルおよびギャンブルに関するもの – Contests, sweepstakes, lotteries, raffles, and gambling


20.1 – Sweepstakes and contests must be sponsored by the developer/company of the App



20.2 – Official rules for sweepstakes and contests must be presented in the App and make it clear that Apple is not a sponsor or involved in the activity in any manner



20.3 – It must be permissible by law for the developer to run a lottery App, and a lottery App must have all of the following characteristics: consideration, chance, and a prize

抽選アプリを作成する開発者は法律に則る必要があります。また抽選アプリは以下の特徴をもっていなくてはなりません。—- consideration – 熟考、配慮、報酬、約因、対価 chance – 偶然、運、可能性 prize – 賞品、賞金、景品。


20.4 – Apps that allow a user to directly purchase a raffle ticket in the App will be rejected



20.5 – Apps that offer real money gaming (e.g. sports betting, poker, casino games, horse racing) or lotteries must have necessary licensing and permissions in the locations where the App is used, must be restricted to those locations, and must be free on the App Store

実際にお金を賭けるもの(スポーツくじ、ポーカー、カジノゲーム、競馬)または、宝くじのようなアプリはそのアプリが使われる地域にて必ず認可を所得しなければなりません。これらのロケーションは制限されなければなりません。そして、App Store上では無料でなければなりません。


20.6 – Apps that use IAP to purchase credit or currency to use in conjunction with real money gaming will be rejected




21. 慈善団体や貢献に関するもの – Charities and contributions


21.2 – Apps that include the ability to make donations to recognized charitable organizations must be free



21.2 – The collection of charitable donations must be done via a web site in Safari or an SMS




22. 法的要件に関するもの – Legal requirements


22.1 – Apps must comply with all legal requirements in any location where they are made available to users. It is the developer’s obligation to understand and conform to all local laws



22.2 – Apps that contain false, fraudulent or misleading representations or use names or icons similar to other Apps will be rejected



22.3 – Apps that solicit, promote, or encourage criminal or clearly reckless behavior will be rejected



22.4 – Apps that enable illegal file sharing will be rejected



22.5 – Apps that are designed for use as illegal gambling aids, including card counters, will be rejected



22.6 – Apps that enable anonymous or prank phone calls or SMS/MMS messaging will be rejected



22.7 – Developers who create Apps that surreptitiously attempt to discover user passwords or other private user data will be removed from the iOS Developer Program

ひそかにユーザーのパスワードや個人情報を取得しようとするアプリの開発者は、iOS Developer Programから削除されます。


22.8 – Apps that contain DUI checkpoints that are not published by law enforcement agencies, or encourage and enable drunk driving, will be rejected



22.9 – Apps that calculate medicinal dosages must be submitted by the manufacturer of those medications or recognized institutions such as hospitals, insurance companies, and universities



22.10 – Apps that use iTunes music previews in an unauthorized manner will be rejected

iTunes musicのプレビューを認められていない方法で使っているアプリは却下されます。



23. Passbookに関するもの – Passbook


23.1 – Passbook Passes can be used to make or receive payments, transmit offers, or offer identification (such as movie tickets, airline tickets, coupons and reward offers). Other uses may result in the rejection of the App and the revocation of Passbook credentials



23.2 – Passes must include valid contact information from the issuer of the pass or the App will be rejected and Passbook credentials may be revoked



23.3 – Passes must be signed by the entity that will be distributing the pass under its own name, trademark, or brand or the App will be rejected and Passbook credentials may be revoked




24. 子供向けに関するもの – Kids Category


24.1 – Apps in the Kids Category must include a privacy policy and must comply with applicable children’s privacy statutes



24.2 – Apps in the Kids Category may not include behavioral advertising (e.g. the advertiser may not serve ads based on the user’s activity within the App), and any contextual ads presented in the App must be appropriate for kids



24.3 – Apps in the Kids Category must get parental permission or use a parental gate before allowing the user to link out of the app or engage in commerce



24.4 – Apps in the Kids Category must be made specifically for kids ages 5 and under, ages 6-8, or ages 9-11




25. 拡張機能に関するもの – Extensions


25.1 – Apps hosting extensions must comply with the App Extension Programming Guide

App Extension Programming Guide に書かれている内容に準拠している必要があります。


25.2 – Apps hosting extensions must provide some functionality (help screens, additional settings) or they will be rejected

アプリ側には Extension の使うためのヘルプ画面を表示する機能、そして追加の設定が行える機能を提供している必要があります。


25.3 – Apps hosting extensions that include marketing, advertising, or in-app purchases in their extension view will be rejected

広告や宣伝目的、またアプリ内課金が Extension の画面上に表示されているとリジェクト。


25.4 – Keyboard extensions must provide a method for progressing to the next keyboard



25.5 – Keyboard extensions must remain functional with no network access or they will be rejected

Keyboard Extension の機能にネットワーク接続が必須の場合はリジェクト。


25.6 – Keyboard extensions must provide Number and Decimal keyboard types as described in the App Extension Programming Guide or they will be rejected

Keyboard Extension で数字(整数または少数)を入力する機能が無い場合はリジェクト。


25.7 – Apps offering Keyboard extensions must have a primary category of Utilities and a privacy policy or they will be rejected

Keyboard Extension を含むアプリのプライマリカテゴリが Utilities が設定されておらず、プライバシーポリシーが設定されていない場合はリジェクト。


25.8 – Apps offering Keyboard extensions may only collect user activity to enhance the functionality of their keyboard extension on the iOS device or they may be rejected

Keyboard Extension を含むアプリのユーザーの行動記録を収集する目的が Keyboard Extension の機能を増強すること以外の場合はリジェクト。



26. HomeKitに関するもの – HomeKit


26.1 – Apps using the HomeKit framework must have a primary purpose of providing home automation services

Homekit framework(ホームキットの枠組み)を使うアプリはホームオートメーションサービスの主な目的を持たなければなりません。


26.2 – Apps using the HomeKit framework must indicate this usage in their marketing text and they must provide a privacy policy or they will be rejected

Homekit framework(ホームキットの枠組み)を使うアプリは利用の際のマーケティング文書を述べることと、プライバシーポリシーを獲得する必要があります。でなければ却下されます。


26.3 – Apps must not use data gathered from the HomeKit APIs for advertising or other use-based data mining

アプリは広告やその他のユーズベースのデータマイニングのためにHomeKit APIからデータを収集してはいけない。


26.4 – Apps using data gathered from the HomeKit API for purposes other than improving the user experience or hardware/software performance in providing home automation functionality will be rejected

他よりもユーザーの経験値を上げる、またはハードウェア/ソフトウェアでホームオートメーションの機能性を持たせるためにHomeKit APIから集められるデータを利用しているアプリは却下されます。



27. HealthKitに関するもの – HealthKit


27.1 – Apps using the HealthKit framework must comply with applicable law for each Territory in which the App is made available, as well as Sections 3.3.28 and 3.3.39 of the iOS Developer Program License Agreement

Health kitの枠組み(framework)を使用しているアプリはそれぞれの区域の適した法律、というのも、そのアプリはiOS Developer Program License AgreementのSections 3.3.28 and 3.3.39も含め利用可能なのか、こういった法律に従わなければならない。


27.2 – Apps that write false or inaccurate data into HealthKit will be rejected



27.3 – Apps using the HealthKit framework that store users’ health information in iCloud will be rejected

iCloudのストアユーザーのhealth informationのHealthKit frameworkを使っているアプリは却下されます。


27.4 – Apps may not use user data gathered from the HealthKit API for advertising or other use-based data mining purposes other than improving health, medical, and fitness management, or for the purpose of medical research

アプリは広告のためにHealthKit APIから集められるユーザーのデータ、または他よりも健康、薬品、健康管理、または薬品リサーチが進歩しているユーズベース(利用)のデータマイニング目的のものは使ってはいけません。


27.5 – Apps that share user data acquired via the HealthKit API with third parties without user consent will be rejected

ユーザーの同意なしに第三者によりHealthkit API経由で取得されたユーザーデータを共有しているアプリは却下されます。


27.6 – Apps using the HealthKit framework must indicate integration with the Health app in their marketing text and must clearly identify the HealthKit functionality in the app’s user interface

HealthKit frameworkを使用しているアプリはマーケティングテキストのHealth appで調整を示す必要があります。また、アプリのユーザーのインターフェースにおけるHealthkitの機能性をはっきりと証明しなければなりません。


27.7 – Apps using the HealthKit framework must provide a privacy policy or they will be rejected

HealthKit frameworkを使用するアプリはプライバシーポリシーを必ず備える必要がありあます。でなければ却下されます。


27.8 – Apps that provide diagnoses, treatment advice, or control hardware designed to diagnose or treat medical conditions that do not provide written regulatory approval upon request will be rejected




28. TestFlightに関するもの – TestFlight


28.1 – Apps may only use TestFlight to beta test apps intended for public distribution and must comply with the full App Review Guidelines



28.2 – Apps using TestFlight must be submitted for review whenever a build contains material changes to content or functionality

TestFlightを使うアプリはbuild contains material( )が内容的、または機能的に変更があろうとも、どんなときもレビューを提出しなければなりません。


28.3 – Apps using TestFlight may not be distributed to testers in exchange for compensation of any kind




29. Apple Payに関するもの – Apple Pay


29.1 – Apps using Apple Pay must provide all material purchase information to the user prior to sale of any good or service or they will be rejected

Apple Payを使うアプリはどのグッズまたサービスを売るにも、必ずすべての商品購入に関する情報をユーザーに与えなければいけません。でなければ却下されます。


29.2 – Apps using Apple Pay must use Apple Pay branding and user interface elements correctly and as described in the Apple Pay Identity Guidelines or they will be rejected

Apple Payを使うアプリは必ずApple Payの印、またユーザーインターフェースエレメントを正確に、そしてApple Payアイデンティティーガイドラインに記載の通りに使用しなければなりません。そうでなければ却下されます。


29.3 – Apps using Apple Pay as a purchasing mechanism may not offer goods or services that violate the law of any territory in which the good or service will be delivered and may not be used for any illegal purpose

メカニズムの購入の上でApple Payを使うアプリはそのグッズまたはサービスが配送されるどの区域でも違法のグッズやサービスは提供してはいけません。また、違法な目的は認められていません。


29.4 – Apps using Apple Pay must provide a privacy policy or they will be rejected

Apple Payを使うアプリは必ずプライバシーポリシーを備えなければなりません。でなければ却下されます。


29.5 – Apps using Apple Pay may only share user data acquired via Apple Pay with third parties when provided to facilitate or improve delivery of goods and services or to comply with legal requirements

Apple Payを使うアプリは得られるユーザーデータをグッズ配送やサービスの促進や向上、または法的必要条件に従うためにのみApple Pay経由で第三者と共有します。


参照元:App Store Review Guidelines






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